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My truck needed a new carburetor and some engine work. I liked the shop and the staff. They did a thorough job of acquiring the parts needed & got my vehicle fixed in a timely way. The prices were reasonable & the owner explained the process to my satisfaction. I travel quite a bit, but will be bringing my truck in for maintenance on a regular basis.
Recommended? Yes |  by , June 19, 2012
Once again, I have taken a business vehicle for service at Ranchwood Autoworks & received their typical performance: excellence. Over the years, I have been to so many shops that are characterized by haphazard, lackadaisical employees; giving sloppy work in a sloppy shop. The major reason I use Ranchwood is that they are professional, detailed, intelligent, courteous, & cause my cars to run like new. The long, hard hours it takes to create an efficient business, while themselves enduring the continually rising costs for their interlinking services (ie=towing), is appreciated by me. I understand how hard it is to please everyone who walks through the door. So many people complain when they could not pick up a fraction of the load carried by those about whom them complain. I am grateful for this quality auto repair business. On the rare occasion that I have had to use other locations, I run back to Ranchwood because the quality of their performance is so outstanding!
Recommended? Yes |  by , September 23, 2011
as the son of a second generation mechanic, i have high standards for auto repair shops. the guys at ranchwood exceeded every standard. fast service, reasonable cost, and exceptional customer service as well as top notch repair and diagnostic work. they even go so far as to reset your radio presets and clock before returning your car. will be recommending them to EVERYONE i know
Recommended? Yes |  by , August 20, 2011